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Company Profile

Elmwood Income Partners offers financial advisory services specializing in investment management.  Depending on your needs, we help turn income into wealth or wealth into income.  We offer the standard list of services but consider problem solving to be our main product.  With a background in analysis, our strength is creating solutions for our clients. Our goal is to get you where you want to go.

Joe Cerqua founded the firm after a 24-year run at Rochester-based Clover Capital Management, Inc. that eventually became a unit of Federated Hermes, Inc. Having worked various positions in operations while earning his Chartered Financial Analyst designation, he advanced into analyst roles and later portfolio management for both stock and bond investments.  When Joe's position was relocated out of state, he and his family of five chose to remain in Rochester, NY, an area to which they have established roots and ties to the community.  With a desire to be independent and help individuals, Joe brought his extensive experience and solid reputation to a new venture and Elmwood Income Partners was born.


Perform fundamental research and analysis on corporate cash flows, liquidity, leverage, and profitability.  Integrate financial statement and strategic analysis to model company financials going forward. 

Construct equity and fixed income portfolios with specific thought given to investment strategy, macroeconomic exposures, bet sizing, risk tolerance, and alpha generation. 

Monitor sensitivities and correlations of investment holdings to identify the largest threats to portfolio value. Optimize the holdings mix to mitigate these risks to the greatest extent possible within the framework of achieving client goals.