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This strategy is built for those in the pre-retirement phase. You are in the years of peak earnings and peak responsibility. Saving for retirement, kids education or that dream house on the water all require a sound strategy that compounds savings and investment while managing volatility.


  • Determine goals, risk tolerance and your actual wealth trajectory vs. target. A personal risk score is determined that is based on your personality and forms a framework for investment.

  • Determine asset allocation. This is one of the most over simplified components of an advisor’s process. For years, many simply set this by your age. The rule of thumb was 100-your age = the percent of your portfolio  in stocks. But which stocks should be used? In the Great Recession, some were down 20%, some 50%. Which bonds? Long duration or short? We truly customize your allocation and security selection based on your personal needs, the current economy and opportunity set.

  • Risk management and re-balancing.  We monitor the volatility of your portfolio vs. expectations and make adjustments if they are not aligned.  We make further adjustments that may arise from standard re-balancing or to capture tactical opportunities


  • We employ a core + satellite structure to build your portfolio                      
  • The core is a low cost, tax efficient base. It consists of stock vehicles heavily weighted to the most successful domestic companies and high quality bonds to infuse a level of safety.                                                                                                                         
  • The satellites are select opportunities that we uncover through our fundamental research. These include individual stocks, corporate bonds or alternative asset classes that hold a compelling argument to outperform the broad market or help achieve your investing goals.