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Driving on Cruise Control

Robo Advisors, Passive Investing, Target Date Funds.  The industry has created enough products that many advisors no longer perform investment research. They use generic rules of thumb to simply allocate your money into these products.  Most of the time, this can helpful. But what happens when it is not most of the time?

Forecasted Growth Rate of Assets at Robo Advisors  (Source: Statista)

Looking Under The Hood

Macroeconomic Research

Financial Statement Analysis

Portfolio Construction

Risk Management

"We customize a portfolio to meet your needs" is one of the most common phrases on advisor websites even though more and more dollars are going into the same products. We have been through Enron, The Sub-Prime Crisis, and Covid-19. We research the underlying sources of risk and have the skills to construct a portfolio that is built precisely for you.